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I teach Qi Gong as a process that starts from dynamic movement oriented practice to less dynamic and more therapeutic/medical practices and finally to still, seated meditation. I have found that this is the best way to induct students into a theoretical and experiential knowledge of the Art that is Qi Gong and for them to achieve the relevant skills to make it their own. As you will probably realise though, this is not a fast track or quick fix method.

I teach it this way because I know that each stage requires the cultivation of certain mental and physical attributes before you can understand and experience their benefits. Each stage and level of achievement build upon the previous one and in this way your experience and knowledge of Qi Gong deepens progressively. To achieve this ‘deeper’ experience though requires commitment, sincerity, proper practice and crucially time. The right amount of time.

Too often I come across students who claim to have studied some Qi Gong but who have no idea what they are doing or why and so never achieve the ‘Qi Gong experience’. Sadly they give it up having often had a seriously diluted experience of what is one of the most profound, powerful and oldest therapeutic arts in the world. Also I frequently hear of teachers who teach Qi Gong practice but who lack the knowledge to explain or express a deep understanding of what they are teaching. This leaves little chance for the interested student to achieve any meaningful level.

In the study of Qi Gong it is imperative that firstly, you learn in the right order within a theoretical context so that you have the best chance to understand what you are doing. Secondly, that you establish a personal practice so that you can assimilate and digest the practices you learn and give yourself the chance to achieve a deep, fulfilling and beneficial Qi Gong experience. The best way to learn is to attach yourself to a good teacher who can teach and guide you through the process of achievement. This is the traditional way.

To fully digest each method and each strategy that makes up Qi Gong as a therapeutic art it is necessary to commit to the 100 day formula. This means that when you learn a ‘Qi Gong’ you must practice it for a minimum of 100 days. Traditionally 100 days is considered the length of time necessary for your body and mind to acclimatise and to transform to the desired state. After 100 days, you should be fully immersed and start to feel the beneficial effects of your practice.

Each phase of learning should be treated in this way
and this will result in a progressively deeper understanding of Qi Gong and its therapeutic value.
100 days is the Golden Rule that will give you enough time to cultivate a practice that is meaningful and beneficial. Do not kid yourself that a less serious and committed approach can offer you any real benefits.

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