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1st July

Several of my senior students recently undertook the traditional Bai Shi ceremony to become ‘Indoor Students’. This means they are now ‘Men Ren’ or ‘ Gatekeepers’ of the Wu Style of Taiji Quan that I was inducted into by my Master, Li Li Qun. This makes them 6th Generation successors. This is counted from Quan You, the originator of the style, to Wu Jian Quan to Ma Yueh Liang, to Li Li Qun and then to me. In the absence of my Master I hope I’ve done the right thing. The greater Wu style family grows each time a successor is appointed, but as we all know that does not always mean that there is harmony in the bigger family.

Bai Shi is a traditional Chinese martial arts initiation which means to make obeisance to the knowledge that has … Read More »

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