A New Home For Wu Taiji & Qi Gong

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4th November

Finally we have opened new Association training rooms in Finsbury Park, North London. Just a short walk from Finsbury Park station at 20 Blackstock Rd. It’s got our name above the door and occupies the ground floor space below the Seven Heavens Acupuncture clinic all of which is run and managed by two of my senior students.

Already we a have top International teachers offering classes there. We have Master Jerry Tan well known for Mantis Boxing and Indonesian Kun Tao… one of, if not the original master on the block in the UK and Europe. We have Fpd Le Hoang, Master of Muay Thai, Silat and Phillippinno knife and stick arts.Coach for competition fighting and much more. We have Stan Diamond Prescott, Western boxing and Traditional Muay Thai….and as you would expect we have plenty of Tai ji classes. We … Read More »

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