Qi Gong- Coping with ‘crap’.

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14th January

It’s often hard to balance out all the different and sometimes conflicting experiences we have that constitute our daily life. Most of them can easily be categorised as pleasant or unpleasant by degrees. Most of them are so mundane that they do not significantly impact upon us. They are the common everyday experiences that we get used to and which we call life. Sometimes though something happens, a life event, that is more serious which we can not and should not ignore.

Our threshold for coping is generally quite robust. Years of growing up and learning how to cope with daily life gives us a kind of ‘well- that’s – life’ armour.However, when ‘real crap’ happens cracks in our armour start to appear. Real crap is something like a death or a partnership issue, divorce or trouble at work, home or … Read More »

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