The Way of Taiji Quan

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1st February

Tai Ji Quan is called Supreme Ultimate Boxing, Great Polarity Boxing and Yin Yang Boxing. Tai Ji Quan is a sophisticated martial Art, a health practice, a meditation, physical poetry,
embodied philosophy and spirituality. It is restoring, healing and nourishing. It is a way of life.

Tai Ji Quan is demanding, subtle, intelligent and natural.
It is fluid and continuous, still and lively, mysterious and simple, gentle and powerful. Tai Ji Quan is a flowing river.

Tai Ji is born of Wu Ji and is the source of Yin and Yang. Everything is generated from Yin and Yang. Yin and Yang give birth to endless changes. Yin and Yang are symbolised by the Tai Ji diagram showing two opposing but balanced states, interdependent, constantly merging and separating, becoming and dispersing, changing and transforming endlessly seeking balance, harmony and unity.

Every movement expresses Yin and Yang. … Read More »

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