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My name is Michael Acton and I am the founder and senior instructor of the Wu Shi Taiji and Qi Gong Assoc.UK.

I am a 5 Generation Wu Style Taiji and Qi Gong disciple of Master Li Li Qun of Shanghai.  My Association is devoted to the practice and promotion of the Traditional Wu Style of Taiji Quan and Therapeutic Qi Gong.

We offer a friendly, non competitive  teaching environment in both Taiji Quan and Qi Gong to all ages and abilities. We teach a comprehensive theoretical and technical syllabus that introduces the student to the ideas, methods, strategies and culture that comprises Taiji and Qi Gong as both a martial art and a  health and therapeutic practice.

Michael Acton –  Founder and Senior Instructor

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Master Li Liqun – Honorary Chairman UK Wu Shi Taiji and Qi Gong Association

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Master Liu Ji Fa ‘ Senior Teaching Brother’, Friend and Technical Coach

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Senior Instructors

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XinYi: (Mind Intention) in Taiji Quan.

There is a saying in the Chinese ‘Internal‘ boxing arts like Taiji Quan; ‘Use the mind not force’.(Yong Yi Bu Yong Li) This is...


Ji Ben Gong is the term given in Chinese martial arts (Guo Shu) to the fundamental training practices that are necessary to achieve basic...

The Training of Fang Song

As I have already mentioned in the previous blog Song Jin (Fang Song)is the most fundamental of all the energetic expressions (Jin) that are...