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Wu Style Master Liu Ji Fa

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12th June

Master of Tui Shou
by Michael Acton

Liu Ji Fa Brush Knee

I first met Liu Ji Fa on a recent trip to Shanghai to visit my now retired and aging Taiji and Qi Gong Master Li Li Qun. Like Li,  Liu was also a disciple of Master Ma Yueh Liang and also like Li he had held a senior positions in the Jian Quan Taiji Boxing Assoc. in Shanghai. Liu is still deeply involved in the larger family of Wu Style practitioners in Shanghai and is recognised as a specialist Master of Pushing Hands (Tui Shou) a practice that beyond any other area of Taiji now, has come to define Taiji as a martial art.

Master Liu and I met on a cold December morning in the park in Shanghai where I had studied over the years with Master Li. He arrived with … Read More »

Wu Shi Taiji Kuai Quan

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12th June

The Wu Style Fast Boxing
by Michael Acton

Anybody doing a search for the Wu Style of Taiji quan on the web would quickly find clips of Wu Ying Hua (daughter of modern Wu Style founder Wu Jian Quan) demonstrating the slow hand form (Da Man Quan) and also her husband Ma Yueh Liang ( Senior disciple of Wu Jian Quan ) demonstrating another hand form known simply as Kuai Quan or Fast Boxing. It is easy to see that the two forms are recognisably related and follow the same sequence though the Kuai Quan also includes additional movements that are not in the slow form and is distinctly martial in character.

To my knowledge there is no footage of Wu Ying Hua demonstrating the Kuai Quan and I have seen none of Ma Yueh Liang demonstrating the slow form. Indeed the Kuai … Read More »

Dr Li Li Qun

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12th June

A Fourth Generation Wu Style Tai Ji Quan & Qi Gong master visits London
by Michael Acton

In May 2006 Dr Li LI Qun and his wife arrived in London from Shanghai for a 4 week teaching programme. Dr Li is a fourth generation Wu style Master (Quan You, Wu Jian Quan, Ma Yueh Liang, Li Li Qun) and a Qi Gong Grandmaster. As his host and only representative in the UK I was pleased that he had accepted my invitation to visit London. After 12 years of study with Master Li (4 of which I spent living in China and many visits) and 29 years of Tai Ji study and practice all told, it was a personal milestone to bring such a high level master to London.

Master Li is a senior disciple of Master Ma Yueh Liang (1901-1998) and currently one … Read More »

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