Master Li Liqun

Honorary Chairman UK Wu Shi Taiji and Qi Gong Association


Master Li Li Qun (born 1925) died on 25 Jan 2013. – RIP


Master Li Liqun with Master Ma Yueh Liang and Wu Ying Hua

Master Li Li Qun was a fourth generation Wu Style Master and a senior disciple of Ma Yueh Liang (1901-1998), one of the most celebrated Taiji Masters of modern times, and a key link to the founding masters and the great tradition of Taiji Quan. Grandmaster Ma was the senior disciple of Wu Jianquan (1870-1942) a famous Taiji boxer and founder of modern Wu style Taijiquan. With his wife Wu Ying Hua  Grandmaster Ma was the  ‘Gatekeeper” in China of Wu Jianquan’s boxing system now known as the Traditional Wu Style.

Since childhood, Master Li studied and practiced many styles of Chinese Boxing. He started with Shao Lin Boxing at the age of eight, later Hsing Yi Quan, Tung Bei, Hua Dong Quan, Sun and Yang style Taiji and finally Wu Style Taiji Quan under Grandmaster Ma.

He was regarded as one of China’s leading exponents of the Wu style and a rich source of traditional knowledge on Chinese Martial Arts. He was the General Secretary of the Jian Quan Taiji Boxing Assoc. under Masters Ma and Wu and sat on Chen Village Committee and Yong Nian Committee as Wu style representative for many years. He knew many of the best exponents of Internal boxing and Shaolin boxing and was still teaching and demonstrating in his eighties.

Master Li was also a doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine who was well known for his medical and therapeutic Qi Gong skills. He is the founder of the Dao Bu Fan Hui Qi Gong, one of China’s officially recognized medical Qi Gong systems. In addition he was the first Chairman of Shanghai Qi Gong Masters Assoc. and Managing Director of the Shanghai Soc. of Qi Gong for Rehabilitation. He was Honorary President of Australia College of Qi Gong and Taiji and advisor to the Shanghai University Qi Gong Center as well as Honorary Chairman of Wu Shi Tai Ji Quan and Qi Gong Assoc. (UK) He has taught in Australia, USA, Japan and the UK.

He has been the subject of many articles and has written many books regarding Qi Gong and Wu Style Taiji quan.

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