Master Liu Ji Fa

‘ Senior Teaching Brother’, Friend and Technical Coach


Master Liu Ji Fa and Michael Acton at the grave stone of Ma Yeuh Liang and Wu Ying Hua

Master Liu Ji Fa was originally a student of Grandmaster Master Pei Zhu Yin (1917-1986). Master Pei was the youngest student of Wu Jian Quan and was one of the first group of students to attend the Jian Quan Taiji Boxing Assoc when it was opened in Shanghai in1932.

Master Liu began studying with Pei in 1964 in Shanghai. By then Pei, on Wu Jian Quans request had become a disciple of Ma Yueh Liang, Wu Jian Quan’s senior disciple. Master Pei taught him the ‘Square Frame’ and he later studied the “Round Frame” under Master Ma.

Pei had also studied under under Wu Kong Yi, Wu Jian Quans eldest son whom he called ‘brother’. Master Pei therefore benefited from studying with Wu Qian Quan, Ma Yueh Ling and Wu Kong Yi, three major Masters of WuTaiji Quan. This gave him a very high level of skill and a deep understanding of the technical aspects of Taiji form and Tui Shou. Master Liu has inherited this knowledge and skill.

Master Liu has been Managing Director and Coach of the Qian Quan Taiji Boxing Assoc. and has taught in USA and Canada. He lives in Shanghai.

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