Qi Gong- Coping with ‘crap’.

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It’s often hard to balance out all the different and sometimes conflicting experiences we have that constitute our daily life. Most of them can easily be categorised as pleasant or unpleasant by degrees. Most of them are so mundane that they do not significantly impact upon us. They are the common everyday experiences that we get used to and which we call life. Sometimes though something happens, a life event, that is more serious which we can not and should not ignore.

Our threshold for coping is generally quite robust. Years of growing up and learning how to cope with daily life gives us a kind of ‘well- that’s – life’ armour.However, when ‘real crap’ happens cracks in our armour start to appear. Real crap is something like a death or a partnership issue, divorce or trouble at work, home or unsatisfied ambitions or real uncertainty about the future and more. When this happens our normal strategies for coping are not enough and all of a sudden we feel weighed down, depressed and uncertain how to pull ourselves together. At times like these a life time of stress residue seems to download. Such conditions can also result in illness, mental and or physical, sometimes quite serious.

My recommendation for dealing with this is a daily plunge into the pool of Qi Gong. Don’t wait for something terrible to happen, start now. A daily practice or at the very least regular and intelligent practice can go along way to maintaining a sense of equilibrium and clarity as well as our health in times of serious stress as well as ordinary daily life. Qi Gong offers us a means of coping, a place of refuge mentally and a practice that can give real body relief from accumulated stress and importantly, according to Qi Gong medical theory a chance to stay healthy and balanced.

According to Qi Gong theory extreme emotions impact adversely upon the key Yin organs (Heart, Lungs,Liver,Spleen and Kidneys) The reverse is also true. An excess or deficiency in these organs can promote particular emotions. Joy, sadness, anger, pensiveness or anxiety and fear are considered to be the emotions that relate to these organs respectively. Stressful levels of a dominant emotion can therefore be harmful. So when stress moves from ordinary to major the range and intensity of emotions that it engenders can therefore become harmful. It is important that we have a strategy for dealing with such times.

By working on the 5 Yin organs (Wu Zhang) through qi gong practice we can guard against life’s struggles getting the better of us. Prolonged exposure to conditions that are emotionally disturbing must be dealt with on a deep level. A significant qi gong regimen is called for. A balanced practice should benefit our physiology and mental state. Movement led practice is particularly beneficial in the case of severe emotional residue or upheaval since this will move qi and blood and open the channels and balance the organ relationships. Do not think though that this means no mental involvement. Indeed the mind must seek stillness in the movement since this is to cultivate a place that will always remain untouched and firm even when all else is in turmoil. By achieving the ‘still center’ and revisiting it regularly in practice Qi Gong becomes a powerful tool for combatting the major emotional spikes in our lives. The ‘still center’ not only deepens our qi gong experience but it facilitates the balancing process of the body and therefore the dissolving of excessive emotional tensions resulting from serious as well as general long term stress.

Well understood, intelligent and regular Qi Gong practice helps us ‘Cope with crap” because as my old Hong Kong friend Dave always said, “Crap will Happen”.

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  1. Very helpful read, May the one who created us all bless you in both worlds so you may meet him in a state the lord is happy with you,

    Your students from seven heavens clinic have been extremely helpful in this process. May you all be blessed

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