The Way of Taiji Quan

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Tai Ji Quan is called Supreme Ultimate Boxing, Great Polarity Boxing and Yin Yang Boxing. Tai Ji Quan is a sophisticated martial Art, a health practice, a meditation, physical poetry,
embodied philosophy and spirituality. It is restoring, healing and nourishing. It is a way of life.

Tai Ji Quan is demanding, subtle, intelligent and natural.
It is fluid and continuous, still and lively, mysterious and simple, gentle and powerful. Tai Ji Quan is a flowing river.

Tai Ji is born of Wu Ji and is the source of Yin and Yang. Everything is generated from Yin and Yang. Yin and Yang give birth to endless changes. Yin and Yang are symbolised by the Tai Ji diagram showing two opposing but balanced states, interdependent, constantly merging and separating, becoming and dispersing, changing and transforming endlessly seeking balance, harmony and unity.

Every movement expresses Yin and Yang. Every part of every movement expresses Yin and Yang. Every part of every part expresses Yin and Yang…always seeking harmony.
Hard and soft, outside and inside, going out and returning, going up and going down, expanding and contracting, slow and fast, intention and no intention. To practice Tai Ji Quan is to ride the Dao.

The whole body is filled with unbroken Qi. Above is lifted, below sinks. Movement becomes agile, light but rooted and powerful. The ancestors remind us to place the feet like a cat walking and use energy like reeling silk. Invest in loss, find Yin and Yang will emerge. Yang alone can not sustain you. Tai Ji Quan is a treasure for life.

In movement everything moves. In stillness everything is still. There is movement in stillness and stillness in movement. Movement is the root of stillness. Stillness is the root of movement. Stillness is the gateway to Wu Ji. Calm the Xin and the Shen will return.

Bai Hui is suspended. Hui Yin is sinking. Be relaxed and natural and energy will accumulate in Lower Dan Tian. This way your body will always be lively and responsive. Nourish the body and nourish the mind and good health will be your reward. Learn to breath and then let the breath move you. Harmonise going out and returning, rising and falling, twisting up and releasing. Move within the circle and understand the square. One Yin and one Yang is Tai Ji.

It takes 10,000 steps to cut a path through the bamboo forest. Temper yourself through endless practice. Over and over like tempering steel until the body/actions and Xin are harmonised, until the Xin and Yi are harmonised, until the Yi and Qi are harmonised, until the Qi and Shen are harmonised, until Shen and Void are harmonised. This is returning to the source. This is the Way of Dao.

Take care with structure. Perfect transition. Comprehend balance. Everything rises from the feet, is controlled by the waist, expands from the spine reaching your arms, hands and fingertips. Stretch out to open the joints. Let the body be threaded like prayer beads on a silk thread. let the Yi lead, where the Yi goes, energy will follow. Everything is the result of the minds intention.

Avoid force, find the full and the empty and deeply understand this in every movement and every changing condition.
As we move forward and back we constantly shift and change and our energy is mobilised but always calm. The Spirit of Vitality is gathered inside. Hidden within it is impossible to see yet it guides the movements and exchanges. The mind’s intention directs the energy and leads the body. Everything is connected, nothing is excessive, nothing is deficient.

Responding to your opponents movements, fast or slow, up or down, stick, adhere to, join with and follow. Give up yourself. There is no resistance and no separation. In this way you anticipate your opponent.You are like a shadow. He can not release you. In following I draw my opponent in and neutralise his force and issue my force like flowing water. Soft yet penetrating, powerful and clear, regardless of his strength I can find a way to enter and question his centre.

So what is my practice for beyond, health, wellbeing, attack and defence?
With a quiet heart I find inner stillness. Looking out I see nothing. Looking in I find nothing. Being natural and at ease, I live according to the will of Heaven.


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